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Walking in the Fullness of the blessing….

Walking in the Fullness of the blessing….

Today is April 20, 2010. Last year it was April 20th 2009, I was working with TCS, but my contract was closed and hence lost my job. I thought I would look out for a job and get one soon. I attended many interviews, and didn’t get through. I attended interviews at many MNCs, but I didn’t get through. It was a long struggle, and I lost hope in myself and in life. It was difficult, and wondered what my friends and relatives thought about me.

After a long struggle, I got through at an MNC during the first week of May, while I was attending a music concert, during the middle of the concert; I received a interview call and got through it, and then finally joined My company on May 20th. Since then God has been blessing me abundantly.

During the second week of June, I was able to purchase a Pre-owned car, which I use for taking my guitars and keyboards for concerts. I thank God for this great blessing.

And then later God went on to bless me with a life partner. It was a divine connection. When I prayed for a partner, I prayed for someone who could sing well and someone wise. And God blessed me with more than I asked for, she is not only a good singer, she is a rank holder and a technical writer.

For the RYF website, we wanted someone who could do content editing for testimonies. I didn’t request for this, but God gave me someone who is a professional in this field.

And then we got to know each other better. We got engaged on September 26th 2009. We sang the song “Just a closer walk with thee” during our engagement. And God’s abundant presence was felt throughout the engagement.

Getting a transfer from Bangalore to Chennai is not that easy at our Company. The scripture says “ Is there anything too hard for the Lord” , the Lord says, is there anything too hard for me, Gracia got a transfer, and joined my company at Chennai location on December.

When I joined My company, it was three shifts for me, it was difficult, but we had a team which had 6 weeks of day and 3 weeks night. We are a 50 member team, but my manager chose me out of the 50 to be a part of this team which had 6 weeks of day shift. “The lord says, if you will delight yourselves in the Lord, he will give you the desires of your heart.” And I was happy to be a part of this team. The team is now moving towards total day shift work

Ephesians 3:20 says, “God is willing to do exceeding, abundantly, above and beyond what we could ask think or imagine”, and now God has blessed us with a small home. We are thankful to God for this great blessing.

When God wants something to be done, he will get it done. Nobody can stand against our God. He is the Lord of the all the earth. To God be the glory.

Last year I didn’t have a job, but God gave me one, then another blessing, and another. God has helped me to Walk in the fullness of the blessing.

God says “this is just the beginning, He says, your best days are out in front of you. And that You and I have not touched the surface of what God has in store for us.

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